Hello brothers in arms!

Our club of military history "Mountain Shield" was founded in 1988 by lovers of war history. They lived in Sverdlovsk then (until 1924 and after 1991 - Ekaterinburg). This city is situated far from Europa, in the middle of Ural mountains in Russia.

Our aim is reenactment of 37-th Ekaterinburg infantery regiment which was founded by Russian emperor Paul I in 1796. The base of the regiment was in Ekaterinburg from 1796 till 1807. The regiment took part in war against Napoleon during 1812-1814 including Borogino battle, Leipzig battle and hold of Paris. Ekaterinbug's regiment participated in Crimea War 1853-56 and Sevastopol defense and Greate War 1914-1918 as well.

Members of our club collect and reconstruct uniform, equipment and weapon which were been employed by Ekaterinburg regiment during Napoleonic Wars and Greate War also.

Greate War and Civil War rendered unforgetable influence on our city and its life. 195-th Orovais infantery regiment was situated in Ekaterinburg in the beginning of that rough period. This regiment fought in Poland and Galicia whole Greate war. After the Revolution it was disbanded. Part of its officers have formed new 7-th Kamyshlov-Orovais regiment, which took part in Civil War on "white's" side.

We reenact 195-th Orovais infantery regiment and some other units of Civil War years.

Our club "Mountain Shield" ("Горный щит") - independent nonpolitical organisation. Club congregates people with different political views and convictions. Everybody can make a report on all problem concerned witn military history.

To check it - visit us in Ekaterinburg, Russia. Our meetings are held twice a month, on first and third saturday, in 17 P.M. You can find us in Officier house (Дом офицеров). Look at the picture:


Chairman of our club:

Alexander Mikhailovich Kruchinin



Club post adress:

620050, Ekaterinburg, 50 P.O.Box 67




Club News

Look at new page with report on our V.Pyshma manoeuvres. It've got name "Short history of Russian civile war in pictures" Highly recommended!


20-22 aug.2004 march near Tavatuy lake was conducted. It was devoted to colonel Voitsekhovsky march which took place in aug of 1918.


1.08.2004. our club organised memorable meeting devoted to the 90-th anniversary of the Greate war beginning. It took place in regional history museum where we also prepared small exhibition.


1.08.2004. we issued our new annual digest under the title "Galicia collection". You can get it in our club or on this site later.


We opened infantery humour page. Look here.


All news are given in russian only